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Yard Signs of Bowie FAQS For Custom Yard Signs

happy birthday yard sign for katherine in bowie, md

Our Frequently Asked Questions page contains answers to a variety of frequently asked questions about custom yard signs and related products.

Our pricing for yard card ranges from $95 for a standard rental up to $275 depending on the customization and days you would like the rental.

We deliver and install the yard sign greeting the day of your booking between 8am and noon. You do not have to install the yard card. We do it for you. We pick it up 24 hours after install.

Additional graphics are available for $50 and can be added to any package. If you would like custom graphics tailored specifically to the recipient (ex. paw patrol graphics for a child who likes paw patrol) please choose the custom yard sign option and we will design and print custom graphics for your sign installation. 

Any bookings which are 15 miles or further outside of Bowie, MD will incur a separate $35 shipping fee for travel costs associated. 

Custom Yard Signs

Preferably, reserve custom yard cards at least one week before the date on which you wish to have them delivered. Our personalized yard sign availability is updated in real time on our booking calendar, which is accessible at any time. When scheduling your custom yard card, please choose a day that is one week (7 days) from the day of your initial booking if you would want to include a personal touch.

Yes. Additional days, however, would be charged at the rate of $47.50 per day.

No. Please do not attach anything on our signage, including balloons, streamers, or other decorations, as this could cause damage. If you damage our products while they are in your possession, please be advised that you will be charged for the damage.

Absolutely! Please take images and post them on social media to demonstrate to your friends and family what kind of quality work they can anticipate from us when it comes to customised yard cards.

Our Happy Birthday Yard Signs are rented as standard packages already arranged with a set number of items. If you would like custom flair that is more unique to the intended yard card greeting recipient, please select the ‘Custom Yard Sign’ package and tell us in the questionnaire at checkout what type of custom flair you would like to be included in your yard sign greeting.

In its most basic form, a yard card rental consists of the Celebration Phrase (for example, Congratulations!), the recipient’s name, and an arrangement of the themed visuals.

Holiday yard cards are made of strong corrugated plastic that is waterproof, weather resistant, and designed to be left outside for an extended period of time. Weather conditions such as wind, snow, and rain do not pose a threat to our holiday yard signs.

No matter what our customers’ requirements are, we are able to provide them with yard cards to memorialize the event. Most popular celebration yard signs are wedding and engagement party yard cards, sweet sixteen yard cards, military welcome home yard cards, retirement yard cards, and a variety of others.

Because yard cards have the ability to aid in the winning of elections, they can undoubtedly bring in new customers for your business. Our signs look a lot like political yard signs that appear on lawns, shouting the name of your company and improving your company’s brand recognition. Consider incorporating them into your client success strategies as well. Suppose you’re a real estate agent and a customer has just closed on a new home. You could rent them a bespoke yard sign to assist celebrate their accomplishment! Almost without exception, you will increase the number of customers that come to your business and increase its profits.

Transparent Official Logo For Yard Card Queen Bowie a yard sign company based in Bowie, MD and Prince George's County

Yard Card Queen Bowie yard greeting rental firm enhances birthday, business, graduation, and holiday festivities with bespoke yard signage.




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